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"As a citizen legislator, I will continue to fight for you - the taxpayer.  To grow our community we must reform government, lower taxes and create jobs.  Working together, we can build a better Erie County."


Ed Rath is a successful business leader who fights for the taxpayers of Amherst and Erie County.  As a husband and father of three, Ed knows we need to create opportunities for our children and grandchildren.

With an MBA from Canisius and over 20 years in the energy industry, Ed has what it takes to get the job done.


Ed knows that in order to succeed as a community we need to create good paying jobs right here in Erie County.  That starts by reducing regulations on businesses and cutting taxes on hardworking families.


Using business principles, Ed Rath is reforming county government and making it more efficient and accountable to the taxpayers.


  • Co-sponsored important reforms: Reduced the size of the Legislature from 15 to 11 members; eliminated unnecessary district offices (Erie County is the only County Legislature in NYS with these offices); and voted against salary increases for the county’s elected officials.
  • Removed County from costly mandated services
  • Fully funded the County’s pension obligations, fighting against a recommendation to borrow the funds and incur unnecessary long-term costs.
  • Co-authored the County’s Cyber-bullying Local Law to deter youths from attacking each other online, and holding those accountable who engage in online harassment.
  • Lead sponsor of the Property Tax Stabilization Fund to serve as a dedicated rainy day fund to hold the line on property tax increases.
  • For the past three years crafted responsible budget amendments that called for meaningful reform of Erie County government and the reduction of our incredible tax burden.
  • Helped to successfully transfer $5 million in surplus to fix infrastructure issues throughout Erie County in 2014.
  • Voted to lower Erie County property taxes for the first time in over a decade in 2014.
  • Authored a local law in early 2015 to dedicate revenues from the Erie County Clerk’s Auto Bureau to the Erie County Road Repair Reserve Fund.
  • Created "Silver Alert" to protect WNY Seniors
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